Wednesday, 24 February 2010

First Release is Coming

The Staircase that Swallowed People is our first book. It was written for kids 5-8 years who love mysteries and are happy when their children heroes can help the world to be a better place to live. Illustrations were done by a young talented Singapore artist who uses a nickname Little Pink Pebble. She is very good with colors and hid a mouse in each picture for kids to find.

This story will appear on Amazon for Kindle first, versions for Android and iPhone will follow very soon. We hope you will enjoy reading it with your kids and that they will love to come back and go through the pictures again and again.

Hello world, OKENKO is here!

Here we would love to share our ideas, our achievements and our views with you. We are a small publishing company which would like to converge to hard copy books one day but right now we are at the beginning of this long journey starting from the digital side. Check us out on Kindle, iPhones and Androids:)