Moms With Apps

Moms with Apps is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers, which we are a member of, who share best practices on making and marketing mobile apps. What began as a small conference call has grown to represent over 100 mobile apps for kids and families. Any parent developer, reviewer, or industry specialist interested in family-oriented mobile apps is welcome to join the Moms with Apps Group. Or just visit Moms with Apps Site to see latest blog posts, promotions and our deals.

Our Video:

Our Purpose:

1. Collaborate, brainstorm and support developers who bring high quality kid and family apps out into the marketplace.

2. Illustrate the healthy intersections of kids and technology, where technology becomes an interactive tool for real life, and not just a screen to hide behind.

3. Provide a resource for families who are curious about what’s available in the ever-growing market of mobile technologies.

4. We strive for our apps to be high-quality, educational, interactive and useful, in one word family friendly.