Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Riddles next from Okenko Books

Hey, do you like riddles? The way they trick you asking about something obvious and then revealing that they were in fact talking of something else under a same name? So then keep watching Okenko Books next titles.

Our next Android book application for children is called simply Riddles and it includes 10 classic riddles with a picture answer to each. Don't worry, your child (or you) will have to think really hard first before you will be prompted to the next one. Colorful, frolicsome pictures are the reward for each correct guess. Fingers crossed everybody!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Staircase is live on Amazon under Kindle Books!

Yay! Our first book The Staircase that Swallowed People went live after approval by Amazon yesterday. Of course we hope you'll take a peek, buy it and leave a good feedback for us if you are so inclined.

It took us more than two months to edit the story, source the illustrations and prepare the materials for publishing on Kindle. The result is completely worth the effort, we offer a wonderful book for kids 5-8 who will enjoy this slightly detective (but not scary) story set in an old London house.

An interview with the author Jade McBlade was just published on Little Nutmeg and we hope to have more mentions to share with you on some other children's books blogs very soon.

If all goes according to plan, we will also publish this book as an app for iPhone/iPad on iTunes and on Android MarketPlace so stay tuned if you don't have a Kindle device. (But even without Kindle you can read on your hand-held device or on you computer by using free applications as Kindle for PC/Mac, and Kindle apps for smartphones.)

Another title in our line up coming soon will explore classic riddles. There will be ten riddles with friendly picture answers. This will be great fun but hey, no cheating, you have to think hard first and not give up right away! Stay tuned. We'll let you know when they are out.

Till then,
The Okenko Team