Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another two stories ready for our kids

The moment of the launch is getting closer. Most of the team is back from their vacations and we are ready to make few last pushes and get things going. The Androids have their turn first, shortly after them iPhone&iTouch-es will follow. As mentioned before, we are preparing a subscription line so parents/carers need to look&find our apps in the marketplace just once, after that they will get two stories for their kids a month delivered directly to their phones, no more looking up for new books, new apps.

Another two assets to our line are books David Drew Likes Blue and Mike Rides his Bike to School. First being a short poem, the latter a longer picture book for budding readers. Both illustrations turned out beautifully, though the styles are very different. What do you reckon? That reminds me, we will also include in near future a rating feature to our website so that you can have your say and we all see how are our books doing on their own. So stay tuned, all this exciting stuff is coming in few weeks!