About Us

Okenko Books was started by a husband - wife team living in California who love their kids and love great books. We love nothing more than to read a good book with our children, and right now, to see those same children reading on their own. We have found that books can change children lives, their attitude, imagination, experience, indeed their whole world!

That’s why we started to write and source quality stories and complement them with beautiful illustrations to make the experience complete. We also noticed that kids have no problems using modern technology and that's why we decided to transfer those great stories with quality pictures into phone applications. Our goal is to publish books as similar to real books as possible, so our illustrations are in a book quality and the stories are sometimes longer than you would expect from a mere phone pastime and we do not distract our readers by multiple added features.

We currently publish children’s books for mobile platforms, but our vision is to offer hard copy books one day in the future too. So hopefully we will get there step by step with a little help from all of you:)