Monday, 14 June 2010

The Rush Before Vacation

Lately, as the rule goes before going on holidays, everything is spinning around my head in high speeds. Children's last weeks at school, a grant submission for Huggies (keep fingers crossed for us please), finalizing the website texts, testing the e-commerce server, sourcing the illustrations for even more stories, feature week at MomsWithApps and daily dose of social media marketing, you get the picture.

There are few things (apart from my private life) that make me happy in this scud. And they are both of a visual nature - the arriving illustrations and the design of our website. The comic strip about Sip'n'Cup is finished and those guys really make me smile. As a boy counterpart to Lindy Lee Loves Pink we are going to have David Drew Likes Blue, same author, same illustrator, I find both stories very cute. Few days ago I also made a new discovery, a young Canadian artist Julia is going to illustrate a longer story for independent readers Mike Rides His Bike to School. As I told her, her pictures remind me of an illustrator and still-motion movie maker of my childhood Jiri Trnka (few his works can be seen here) and you know how it is when it comes to childhood reminiscences, I just adore her style.

Another thing is the website, I am really very curious how this will come out. As I am very fond of nice, clean, modern designs here, I hope that San Francisco artist turned into a website designer/developer Tamara will get the right grip on what we need our website to look and feel like, I mean the mainly children-friendly design and aesthetically top-notch quality as a kind of guarantee for our illustrated children stories. Cannot wait to see it in whole - the content with its new shiny coat.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

World beyond apps








Check out our host blog post at Momswithapps blog, about the World beyond iphone apps, one of the ways to keep our kids and ourselves sane.