Friday, 22 October 2010

Mike Rides His Bike to School

Okay, so it's publishing Friday here at Okenko Books. But don't be fooled I don't have to do it now and manually. Fortunately, my beloved developer Laku made everything so nice and easy for me that I just have to any time produce the final format of our new book, in a book-creator he wrote for me too, and then it goes automatically live on the day I stated. It's so nice to have working tools, and of course a relationship too.

Today we present you with a cute story about one boy's ordinary adventures on his way to school. Mike Rides His Bike to School (by Julie Musil and Julia Tiller) is about children's never ending curiosity, budding responsibility and their urgent sociability. The story is accompanied by beautiful whimsical illustrations by Canadian illustrator Julia Tiller, which remind me of my childhood's Czech illustrator and film maker Jiri Trnka. You can look forward to see another book with her pictures later this year which are even crazier and more colorful.

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  1. I see that now we can get the apps for our iPhone! I'll be doing that today.