Monday, 3 May 2010

Ongoing work at Okenko

Spring is here so when we are not working we spend time outside, or outdoors, with the kids enjoying the green part of the year here in California. So there's not much time left to write blog posts and maintain other social media and social contacts. So this is just a little patch.

Anyway, right now our development team is working on the technical background of our new website and they are also coding the reader application for iPhone/iTouch/iPad, while our marketing team is preparing thorough marketing campaign which will start soon, before the site's launch. Our editors are preparing a publishing scheme for the coming year and they communicate with illustrators who are working on three new books for our in-July-launched book line. Also, admins just sent out first batch of contracts for our talented authors. And the user experience experts are working on use-cases our clients could go through, so that the developers have it all covered to make Okenko Books a nice and easy experience for our users. These all teams being just me and Laku:)

The three books under development are Sip'n'Cup comic strip about their travel to Caribbean, Andie Plays Pretend about a girl who pretended to be various animals and Lindy Lee Loves Pink, which is a lovely short poem about a pink obsession. We are very excited about these little progress steps towards the final book apps and are looking forward to see the art done so that we can produce the final apps.

Hope you are all well and stay tuned please, I'll try to update things here more often.

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