Thursday, 20 May 2010

Two new books are on their way to our library

Within the last two days we got back the artwork for two of our prepared stories, Andie Plays Pretend and Lindy Lee Loves Pink. Andie is illustrated by a young talented artist from Singapore who goes by LittlePinkPebble. A sample is on the left. She already illustrated for us The Staircase That Swallowed People book which we released for Kindle at Amazon last year, as you can see, she is great with colors. The story is again by Jade McBlade but this time is meant for younger kids 3-6. This is our first book in landscape orientation so we'll see how that is accepted.

Short poem Lindy Lee Loves Pink is illustrated by the British artist Sonya Hallett. Sonya really gave her inner-child into these pictures, note all those funny companions of Lindy, a cat, a rabbit, a teddy. The pictures are so cute and so believable! The poem itself is by Jo S. Kittinger and in a playful way it takes us on a tour around a little girl's pink ornate house. There is a blue boy version of this poem which will come later on in our schedule and will be illustrated by the same artist. Hope girls and boys will love these as much as I do:)

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