Thursday, 26 August 2010

Off we go - Okenko Books launch for Androids (letter to our editor)

Hi Michelle,
please find below few points we think that are the most significant for Okenko Books children books subscription line (and site) launch and need to be at the core of our press release.

The Okenko Books app is launched for Androids only now, iphone/itouch/ipad support will follow soon.

The Okenko Books app is free on the Android Market and offers one free story for the starters, Lindy Lee Loves Pink by Jo S. Kittinger and Sonya Hallett.


Okenko Books offer a unique subscription model based on micro-payments via PayPal, every two weeks a new story will be downloaded directly to your phone. With one subscription you can have registered as many as 5 devices. We hope that parents will appreciate hassle-free-ness of our subscription.

All published books are contained in one Okenko Books app and once they were downloaded they are accessible offline at any time and stay on the user's device even after the subscription ends.

Our first story is called Lindy Lee Loves Pink and a boy version of this short rhyming story is coming in few weeks to your phone, as well as a funny comics called Sip'n'Cup Go for Vacation.

All our stories, they cannot be found anywhere else, they are based on author texts and complemented with traditional illustrations. We do not reproduce hard-cover books.

Our intention is to stay as near to the book medium as possible so we do not offer any distracting interactive features and games, we keep things simple - just text and pictures. Our books must be read, either by a budding reader or by his older fellow.

The subscription, sales and customer services are managed via our website at

Reviewers/editors/bloggers can ask for a promocode for one month subscription directly at jitka at okenko dot com.

We hope that kids and their families will enjoy Okenko Books.

Thanks and regards, Jitka

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