Saturday, 4 September 2010 gets a mobile look

Its been a whirlwind of activities this past couple of weeks that lead to the launch of Okenko Books. As you know we opted to go live with our basic site and reader for Android devices. Our iPhone reader is currently under development and will be submitted for certification soon.

We designed the Okenko Books site to be as clean as possible and have hopefully achieved in making it easy to use for all activities related to accounts and subscriptions. During development we constantly checked compatibility across different browsers. One of the decisions we had to make is how much effort to put into a mobile screen optimized version. We wanted our site to be usable at the very least from the devices we support with readers.

I must admit that with the current capability of browsers on iPhone and Android devices the bar was not set too high for us. Indeed we verified the functionality of the site on the default browsers shipped with iPhone 4.0 and Android 1.5 & 2.1.

The above notwithstanding we decided to push forward with a site optimized for the small screen. We now have a first version out. The mobile optimized site is limited to a couple of scenarios:

  • browsing our catalog of stories
  • displaying the faq
  • a contact us page
  • a how to join page

When browsing from your mobile phone the optimized version of the website is automatically presented to you. You can then browse select areas of the site or go to the full desktop site, which as I mentioned is fully usable.

If browsing the full version on your mobile phone you'll be presented with a link to return to the mobile optimized version.
The link is at the bottom of the page below the copyright text.
The screenshots to the right are from an iPhone 4.

Hope you enjoy browsing.

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