Saturday, 25 September 2010

David Drew - our third acquisition

We are happy to let you know that a blue sequel to our pink story of Lindy Lee called 'David Drew Likes Blue' by J.S.Kittinger and S.Hallett is live as of Friday. The history behind this book is slightly different from the other ones, usually we get a manuscript from an author and we either like it, or not. This time, we had a manuscript of Lindy Lee by Jo and it organically came out that we cannot have only stories about girls (and unfortunately the major part of kids stories are about little girls) and only for girls and that we have to have boyish stories on our menu too. As sexist as this might sound, try to say your six year old boy that you will be reading about a girl who loves pink before bedtime. We know our onions. 

So we asked Jo to write a similar poem either about blue or green colors. And we liked more the blue one with David Drew. We hired the same illustrator, Sonya from Great Britain, to make pictures so that it was clear from the first sight that these two books make a pair. I have to say that I am really happy with the result, they look cute next to each other, thanks to both artists. For more info about the writer and the illustrator you might want to visit their websites (respectively and


On a different topic, we started with three short stories which are now spent. Next time we are bringing longer stories where there are not only picture pages but also text pages - always one picture followed by a text page. Their names are - Andie Plays Pretend, Mike Rides his Bike to School, Falling Leaves and Foolish Brothers, Lizzie and the Phone Call. And we are tenaciously working on and on. There is a lot to expect :)

If you would like to have access to our children books line, go to our website  for subscription options. So far, we run on Android phones, but our service is coming to i-devices in few weeks, stay with us.

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