Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sip'n'Cup coming to Okenko Books library

Tomorrow, we are releasing another book within our smart phones subscription line of children picture books, this time it's based on my comics idea that came to me when I saw one of the illustrator's standalone pictures. So we teamed up and created this short and abruptly ending strip about two guys Sip'n'Cup going on a vacation. In fact I don't know what are these guys, I was thinking potatoes, my friend guessed teeth, what do you think they are? I just think of  them as of Sip and Cup, my red and orange friends.

Our books are simple as books used to be - just pictures and text, you will not find any games and puzzles, nor moving pictures and
interactive features. We believe that colorful illustrations and engaging story is enough to spark child's imagination and keep it occupied.

Hope you and your kids will enjoy Sip'n'Cup Go On Vacation by Jitka Adeleke, illustrations by Katka
Hustaty. If you haven't signed up yet for our story line, go to, it' easy and quick and perfect for a modern family.

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